Easter Basket: Baby Edition

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baby boy is due April 27th, and I have been pretty certain he was going to come late since the day we found out we were pregnant, but IF by some odd chance he decided he wanted to come earlier than that, I had to prepare him an Easter basket.

Literally, the thought that he just might come into this world without an easter basket for his first holiday killed me. I am ALL about festiveness and love to go all out, be creative, and make every holiday special and memorable. Granted, I know that he won't care about his easter basket, let alone, know what the hell it is, but it's the thought (and pictures) that count!

Let's be honest, I am in my twenties and married and my Dad still sends me and my husband an Easter basket ever year, so, I drug my husband to Target a few weeks ago to put together baby's first Easter basket.

  • I am all about an Easter basket that is not actually a basket. I like to do things my own way and make things a little more practical and a lot less "kitchy" if you will. I found this kraft box with jute handles in the dollar section of Target that was perfect. 

  • Im obsessed with 2 things in this world: Pugs and baby shoes. I knew I wanted to place a few festive books in the basket and found one called "Little White Rabbit" and then stumbled upon the perfect addition called "Chick 'n' Pug". I mean it was like fate, and the book itself is hysterically cute. The baby shoes I found in the spring aisle at Target. They are just my kind of style that I am loving for baby. 

  • I went a little traditional with the next few items: a bunny rattle and a newborn onesie that has bunnies as the footies and an adorable bunny print. The little plastic bunny is actually an easter egg, it came in a pack of 2 and was perfect to stuff with little newborn socks. 

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Top 5 Foundations {Video}

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Watch my latest video to see why I love these 5 foundations: coverage, cost and benefits, I cover it all! 

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36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Forgive me for the lack of outfit in this post. pics were taken during March Madness :) 

How Far Along: 36 Weeks 5 days
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: 12 pounds
Maternity clothes: Nope. Returned those maternity jeans after I wore them for the shoot. Sticking to my leggings and tanks.  
Stretch marks: No 
Belly button in or out: Still gone, but not popped. 
Sleep: Still Horrible, so uncomfortable. Literally sleeping with about 16 pillows around me and the leg cramps are unreal
Best moment this week: Scheduling the rest of our appointments until baby boy is due! AH! and making him a little Easter basket just in case he makes his appearance a week early. We also packed our hospital bags which was overwhelming, but once done felt amazing, a HUGE relief to be done.  
Worst moment this week:   I'm just getting so winded and tired when walking from a short point A to point B, not to mention I can hardly catch my breath.  
Miss anything: Energy. Sleep. Wine
Movement: This babe does not know what the fetal position is, he is constantly moving and loves putting his feet in his face. . It get's a little uncomfortable since my skin literally can't stretch anymore.  But, I somehow love it and LOVE watching Jake's face when he sees and feels him. It is something ill definitely miss about being pregnant
Cravings: this week I discovered Sour Patch Watermelon Candy. WHAT THE WHAT?! I am eating a bag right now. These things are amazing. Also oranges. 
Queasy or sick: Neither! 
Looking forward to: Just ready for him to be here. 23 ish days to go! Although I think everyone important in my life quite literally thought I was going to go into labor whenever Arizona played  a March Madness game.. 

Spring Florals + Get Ready With Me {Video}

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring is finally here, one more step closer to summer and more importantly one more season closer to our move back to SoCal. I'm 35 Weeks pregnant holy shit so comfort, while still being stylish is key. 
I filmed a Get Ready With Me: Spring Video, so head on over to youtube to watch my Spring Routine.
Click here to watch.  (there might or might not be a giveaway to help jump start  your spring wardrobe)

Below are some shots we took in between takes of my spring go-to outfit. Nothing I am wearing is maternity so you can buy it for yourself. 

Sheer Floral Cardigan: evermore
Black Tank: Gap
Denim: Joe's Jeans
Black Stone Cuff: evermore
Boots: Target

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Lucky Charms Cupcakes for St. Patricks Day

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Not a cook or a baker and definitely don't even have the time? neither do I, and I have a feeling with baby boy on the way that's about to be multiplied by 10. BUT, I love to be festive and find ways to do so in the easiest and chic-est way possible, so, I give you my Festive Lucky Charms cupcakes.

This is super easy: get any cupcake mix you and your friends or family prefer, funfetti was an obvious choice, then get either plain frosting and green dye, or go the easy route with a different flavor and try the key lime frosting (which is amazing by the way). 

I go to Michael's for all of my cupcake papers, I literally have a drawer full of different prints and colors and these green chevron ones were in my stash so I used them! 

I then picked through a box of lucky charms for the marshmallows, focus on the pots of gold, the clovers and rainbows. 

Lastly and completely optional, mix it up with another festive accessory. I found these gold star toothpicks in the party section at Target, on sale. 

Make your cupcakes, frost your cupcakes, decorate accordingly and then feel free to stuff your face! 

Nail Polish: Essie Mojito Madness 

March Ipsy Glambag Review

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's start with the bag since it's marvelous pattern may be one of my favorites to date. It's funky, abstract and colorful and I can imagine reusing it for something for the babes.

I finally and happily canceled my birch box, as I felt like it was a waste of time and money when Ipsy is bang for your buck and always exciting. March didn't disappoint. It started with this fab Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Shadow Quad. Four gorgeous colors that could easily be translated from fall to spring. They swatched beautifully and pretty pigmented.

Next up, a BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick that is to die for. The color is called 'Get Ready' and is the perfect shade of rose, which is my favorite lip color to wear on the daily. I tried it on and it wears incredibly well. Perfect amount of sheen, true color and lasting power. It was also very moisturizing. Another score.

Because Ipsy never leaves your nails without a little something special, March's bag included a full size Nicole by OPI Roughless Nail Color titled 'On What Grounds' . It has this awesome speckle effect. The color alone is perfect for spring/summer. 

Lastly, 2 Klorane Soothing and Relaxing Eye Patches. Let's be honest, Ive been an exhausted mess this last trimester so these patches were seriously amazing. You leave these babies on for 20 minutes and are best paired with a bath, candles and Netflix, a glass of wine wouldn't be bad either, so enjoy one for me. 

Interested in getting your own Ipsy Glambag? Click here to sign up for 10 bucks a month

33 Week Pregnancy Update + Pregnancy/Newborn Purchases

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I seriously can't believe that we are another week closer! We have 7 weeks to go, give or take, until we meet this little guy that has been tumbling around in my tummy. I am so excited to see Jake as a Dad, my favorite thing right now is to watch his face as he feels him kick and tumble around with his hands. So sweet.

Make sure to watch my latest video to see what my pregnancy favorites are and what some of my favorite newborn purchases have been. {Click Here to go to Video}

But let's do a formal recap shall we?

Top: Free People Intimates | Belt: J Crew Similar Here

How Far Along: 33 Weeks 2 days
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: 12 pounds total
Maternity clothes: I gave in and bought some Maternity Joe's Jeans for our maternity photo sesh, Super comfy and fit really well, worth the high price tag. 
Stretch marks: Nope, using my L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil like crazy though! 
Belly button in or out: It's gone. Not popped thank goodness but gone. just flat
Sleep: Horrible. Just plain horrible. heartburn, acid reflux, big belly... It's all to blame
Best moment this week: We had our maternity photos taken and it was a blast. I think they will turn out amazing! 
Worst moment this week:  I really don't think there was a bad moment this week, however, being on a plane to San Diego was pretty horrible and not fun being 33 weeks pregnant. 
Miss anything: Energy. Sleep. 
Movement: so many elbows and knees and feet. He also loves to stick his butt out on my right side. 
Cravings: nothing specific. to be honest I don't like eating right now, there isn't a lot of room in there anymore. 
Queasy or sick: Neither! 
Looking forward to: Little guy being here already and all of the family and friends that are planning to come out to help and visit!! Everyone is on standby for when we make "the call"

Spring Staples: Florals

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

1. Lavender + White Rose Hair Pins $16 - These pins are just perfect for spring, they have such a delicate look to them and are perfect to dress up a jeans and tee look or pair with a dress {Roses and Lemons}
2. je t'aime Lace Dress $26 - To die for dress. I love love love this dress to pieces, it's light and airy, easy to wear and the price can't be beat! {Evermore Boutique}
3. Freshly Picked Spring Knit Top $18.00 - Spring sweaters are such lifesavers. This one is extremely easy to wear and not bulky or winter warm, perfect to pair with Jean shorts and some flip flops. {Evermore Boutique}
4. Eloise Fringe Cardigan $18.00 - I cant even handle how much I love this cardigan. The perfect style, price and print for spring. {Evermore Boutique}
5. A Rose in Time Watch $14 - Start your arm party with this watch. Pair it with bangles, or wear by itself. {Evermore Boutique}
6. Spring Flower Crown $70 - You know me and my flower crowns, I literally want to wear one with every outfit. If I could sleep in a flower crown I would. This one is gorgeous and wearable, not to mention handmade! {Garden of Whimsy}

Case of Hoarding #2: Products I've Used Up

Monday, March 3, 2014

Because us beauty girls cant go shopping without filming a haul, let alone throw products away before letting you know what they were.

31 Week Pregnancy Update

the after math of your husband trying to show you how to pose with a baby bump. also the only picture that doesn't show my insanely dark circles under my eyes, so ill take it.

 How far along: 31.4
Gender:  Boy
Weight gain: Hell ya! only 10 pounds gained! I'm rocking this pregnancy thing! I'm so ready to have this baby and get back into my Bikram Yoga flow
Maternity clothes: Nope! I refuse!
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: I doubt it will actually pop but its pretty darn flat.
Sleep: Still want nothing to do than sleep, and the heartburn doesn't help the cause.
Best moment this week: Saw another ultrasound of the little guy, got an amazing 3D pic of his sweet little face and his hands. the Tech said quote "this kid has a shit ton of hair" He also is sleeping with his foot in his face and his hands on his ears. this is now the third pic we have of him with his feet up by his head, the first  he was holding his foot, second he was eating his foot, and now he is sleeping with his feet by his head. My Dad's convinced he's a Yoga baby and has said pic saved as his screen saver for every electronic he has, and Jake carries it around in his wallet to show everyone, he's going to be THAT guy.
Worst moment this week: I don't want to go to much into this but want to spread a little awareness that it's totally real, since I felt ashamed and confused because of my feelings: but I got really bad depression/ third trimester baby blues. It's been really tough,  Jake has been a freaking amazing support, but it's been tough. I hope it goes away soon. I will say that the doctor said that I was susceptible to postpartum baby blues since I have a history with anxiety and depression, so we have made sure to keep the communication and honesty lines open with her. I just didn't know I could get something like this before he was here.
Miss anything: Energy. 
Movement: He moves all the time. always kicking and rolling and punching,
Cravings: strawberries and watermelon!
Queasy or sick: Neither! 
Looking forward to: Getting out of this slump and getting excited again. Packing our hospital bags and checking off some more to dos to put my mind at ease.

28 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 28.5
Gender:  Boy
Weight gain: Drumroll please.. after my apt yesterday, I have only gained a total of 9 pounds. yay! I'm all baby!
Maternity clothes: Heck to the no. Extra long target tanks, gap fit tops and gap active leggings are what I live in. no maternity needed!  
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: give it one more day, it wont be there anymore :(
Sleep: super good this week. in fact so good, that ALL I want to do is sleep. I mean literally all I want to do.
Best moment this week: Obviously hearing how little I've gained, but we had our 3D ultrasound scheduled which was hysterical, this kid WILL NOT MOVE. he was comfy and cozy and has such a great amount of amniotic fluid that he is perfectly fine where he was... until 9pm rolls around and he is kicking and moving non stop until about 4am or so. We only got one good picture of this little boy and he looks like Jake, which isn't surprising at all. Due to the amount of amniotic fluid and how cozy he is in there the doctors were able to give me a pretty strong prediction that he will not EVER want to come out so I will most likely go into labor late and have to be induced.. which I want. I'm such a planner I would LOVE to know the day so I can plan accordingly with my parents, I know I know, "you cant plan a baby" but let me have this hope.
Worst moment this week: I am just SO tired... we were out to dinner the other night and I quite literally almost fell asleep at the table. We just launched our new business and with Jake so busy it's been mostly me running the show and I just don't have the energy.. we didn't think that one through to well.
Miss anything: Energy. 
Movement: This kid has started to bruise my ribs and keep me up with his powerful kicks. Jake's new full time hobby is to just rest his hands on my stomach and wait for him to kick away. It's quite cute to watch.
Cravings: MORE MAC AND CHEESE PLEASE.. like now.
Queasy or sick: Neither! 
Looking forward to: Trying our 3D appointment again next week, we also have a meeting with our baby concierge at the hospital  and our maternity photo shoot in about a month. so much to do and so little time. How in the world did this pregnancy go by so fast.

27 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 27. 4
Gender:  Boy
Weight gain:We have an appointment next week so we will see! This boy has hit some pretty insane growth spurts, so im curious to see where we stand!
Maternity clothes: Still no!! I am convinced ill not wear one maternity piece this entire pregnancy. 
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: I'm pretty positive that by next week I wont have one. 
Sleep: Starting to get bad again. Very restless and cant get comfortable. The midnight heart burn attacks aren't helping either. 
Best moment this week: Jake finally got to feel his powerful kicks. I've been able to feel them for quite some time and Jake LOVES to put his head on my belly and listen to him but has never felt him kick, so it was pretty exciting. Baby Boy can also hear pretty much everything now so I have been playing Coldplay and JayZ/Kanye West Watch the Throne albums non stop at full blast in my car... Gotta start young on good music taste. 
Worst moment this week: The reality of this is all starting to set it.. and I'm TERRIFIED. We have to write out our birth plan and all I want to write is "EPIDURAL ASAP"
Miss anything: Energy. 
Movement: Nothing consistent but a lot of movement none the less. 
Cravings: Mac and Cheese. I haven't gained anything but baby weight since I got pregnant, and I normally eat pretty healthy, but I imagine this streak is going to end real soon with the amount of mac and cheese I NEED in my life. 
Queasy or sick: Neither! 
Looking forward to: Finishing putting together our gear. My Mom thinks we are having "Rosemary's Baby" because everything is black, black and black. But, Jake and I HATE themed stuff, we like things to be sleek and easy on the eyes, nothing flashy. Not to mention that we are planning on having more babies and I want great quality, durable and gender neutral gear to carry through. 
We went with the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller and the 4 Moms Origami Stroller, both of which are AMAZING to say the last. light weight, easy to use, sleek and top of the line in ratings. We also got the Peg Perego Primo Viaggo Car Seat which we finally took out of the box and we are in love, although we looked like untrained monkeys trying to figure out how to unfasten it from the car seat base (it was an easy little button that we didn't see until an hour later). 
I'm a HUGE fan of the 4moms line of products so we also got the Breeze play yard and mamaRoo, which are insane and as sleek as can be.
The nursery is done aside from the custom sheets and crib skirt I ordered. They are hand printed and take about a month, so they should be here mid February and then technically speaking, we will be ready for baby. Holy Shit.  

24 Week Pregnancy Update + Holiday Picture Preview

How far along: 24.4
Gender:  Boy
Weight gain: Ive gained 5 pounds total 
Maternity clothes: nope!! 
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: starting to get even more shallow
Sleep: Still good, besides the occasional midnight heart burn
Best moment this week: This week started out with Christmas where I was again reminded by how amazing my husband is. He just spoils me and I seriously LOVE to spoil him, it's so crazy that we are going to have a little one to spoil next year. 
Miss anything: Not really anything this week. 
Movement: Still pretty faint
Cravings: Mexican food. 
Queasy or sick: Physically Im feeling amazing. so much energy
Looking forward to: Starting the nursery.

21 Week Pregnancy Update

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while for all of those reading along, I started getting tweets and emails asking where I've been and is everything okay with babes. You have no idea how much your support and love has meant to me. My last post unfortunately caused some drama with family that was so unnecessary and, if you know me, I'm a drama free zone, I hate it and don't want it in my life and tend to quickly cut out anyone that causes it.  The drama made me not want to post since it took a lot of the fun and excitement out of the blog. So, I started to baby blog privately and send the posts to a few family and friends via email. Doing this worked great but I realized I was letting drama win and leaving so many of you out of it which wasn't fair and the drama wasn't your fault at all.
soooo, here we are, I have decided to post my weekly updates again, and my back log of ones that I have kept private.
How far along: 21.2
Gender: Baby Boy
Weight gain: Gained 3 pounds
Maternity clothes: LIVING in my gap fit leggings, still holding out on maternity clothes
Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Pretty freakin good
Best moment this week: Seeing baby boy at our 20 week anatomy check. Holy moly he looks like a little baby in there, we were able to see everything 3D and I swear to god that he has the same "relaxed angry" face that Jake has.. at least that is what I call it. Whenever Jake is relaxed he furrows his brows and he either looks like he is mad or concentrating on something, totally adorbs, this little guy is going to be a mini Jake, I just know it. and, as we always confirm at these appointments, he is a mover and a shaker.. and also really stubborn.. I'm going to have my hands full.
Worst moment this week: Starting to really freak out about labor and delivery, I was in lala land thinking that one day Id wake up and he would be in my arms. Ugh. If only. 
Miss anything: Bikram yoga and turkey sandwiches
Movement: pretty off and on, nothing consistent and very light movement, sometimes I doubt they are even movements at all that Im feeling
Cravings: Cheese all the time, and strawberries still. 
Queasy or sick: Feeling Great!
Looking forward to: Going back home for Christmas. 

19 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 19.4
Gender: Baby Boy
Weight gain: Haven't gained anything in 2 weeks 
Maternity clothes: Still just wearing yoga pants and leggings. I'm holding out on maternity clothes. Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Horrible. 
Best moment this week: Seeing my family in Arizona for Thanksgiving. Everyone there is over the moon excited about baby boy and it was fun for them to see me rather than hear it all over the phone and on here. They have known that we were expecting since the second we found out! (also Black Friday shopping, my favorite unofficial holiday)
Worst moment this week: Heart burn/Acid reflux has begun. I was hoping that I would not ever get this symptom, but alas, it has happened. It started in the beginning of week 18 and hasn't stopped, no matter what I eat or drink. Also, trying to find a cocktail dress for a formal holiday party.... I refuse to do maternity.
Miss anything: Everyone was drinking this weekend, and I mean everyone. I'm not that big of a drinker, but when Jake and I are with my family, we like to join in on the fun and it was hard not to this year. So I definitely was missing the bloody Mary and bottle or 2 of wine that everyone else was enjoying.
Movement: I finally felt 3 solid kicks in a row while watching a movie with Dad and Jake. Definitely could not mistake what it was. To bad I haven't felt anything really since. Due to the anterior placenta, my Dr. said if I were to feel kicks, he would have to be in the right place to kick the sides, which he did.
Cravings: bagels with cream cheese, and still strawberries and peaches!
Queasy or sick: Feeling Great!
Looking forward to: Going to our appointment next week. Also starting to really knock out some baby to do's. With the holidays and everything sweeping up the end of the year, and all of the other things we have planned for the beginning of 2014, I'm starting to think that we need to start checking off some lists!

17 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 17.5
Gender: Baby Boy
Weight gain: I gained 2 pounds! 
Maternity clothes: Uh ya... as you can see this little man hit some sort of growth spurt literally overnight. I really hate maternity clothes so I have just been sticking to my favorite extra long Gap tanks and Gap Leggings that sit below the bump
Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Horrible. 
Best moment this week: Shopping. duh. Jake and I had a blast buying out baby gap together. It was so fun to do it together and get excited for when he would be big enough to wear a certain item. This boy is being born into great style and more clothes than Jake currently has. Also, Jake just always commenting on how "cute" I am pregnant makes me so happy. I had a hard time with the appearance changes that I wasn't feeling all that confident, secure or beautiful and Jake being so happy and so smitten with my growing belly really helped me climb out of my insecurities. 
Worst moment this week: I keep having really odd allergic reactions to things that aren't consistent enough to track. Which, in turn has made me nervous to eat. 
Miss anything: I would love a cold turkey and avocado sandwich. 
Movement: Still really inconsistent tumbles. I dont think I mentioned this previously, but I have an anterior placenta which means my placenta is in the front, and it's the size of a rump roast according to my Ultra Sound Tech. Thus, I probably wont feel him really kick and move for another month or so since he is muffled behind it. 
Cravings: Im still eating peaches and strawberries like they are going out of style. Not just fresh peaches and strawberries, if there is either fruit in anything I will eat it: oatmeal, smoothies, granola, jam on my toast. I want peach and strawberry EVERYTHING
Queasy or sick: Feeling Great!
Looking forward to: Going to home sweet Arizona for Thanksgiving and eating to my hearts content. Jake and I are so excited to see everyone and spend time with our family. I'm excited at the thought that this time next year, our little babe will be able to experience the holidays with our family. He will be spoiled with love and family craziness, it will be awesome!

16 Week Pregnancy Update + Gender Reveal

How far along: 16.6
Gender: Its a BOY!!! I know I wanted a girl, but let's be honest, Jake and I will not be stopping at one and the thought of an older brother sounds adorable, plus the name that we had picked out is pretty amazing!! Cons: I HATE boy clothes, the colors, the sports references, the trucks and tool appliques, ugh. This baby boy is going to be expensive because the style and options that I like are way more expensive, but totally worth it. 
Weight gain: I haven't gained and haven't lost. Dr's are very pleased!
Maternity clothes: popped a little more this week but still living in my gap leggings
Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleeping Great 
Best moment this week: Finding out what the little babe is. We've had names picked out since before our wedding so it's really exciting to call him by his name and have that sense of bonding. I also dropped some pretty pennies at Nordstrom's, Baby Gap and etsy for some baby boy style
Worst moment this week: Crying in the aisles of Target because I hate the baby boy clothes so much. Literally had a stage 5 meltdown. just the sight of the boring and unstylish boy clothes made my lose it. Let's just call it pregnancy hormones.
Miss anything: Still Craving that Bloody Mary or 10
Movement: Just little tumbles here and there. Nothing big though.
Cravings: PEACHES, Strawberries, Kiwis.
Queasy or sick: Feeling Great!
Looking forward to: Shopping and Nursery Planning! I again, hate normal boy things, no thanks to the blues and red, the stripes, the sports, ugh. Get that out of here. We are going for a completely different look and feel for the nursery and I am so excited about it.
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