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Saturday, August 30, 2014

This week was the week of being casual, comfy and sick. Jake, very nicely brought home a nasty cold that stuck with me for a long time. Still got to look cute though right?!

The family ran a lot of errands and I decided to semi-corrdinate with Forrest, as crazy moms do right?! no? okay good! Forrest was rocking these cute fox print leggings, so naturally, I took out my geometric wolf print tank and we were on our way. Now, if only I could find something for Jake to wear.

Ive been loving these Gap denim shorts lately, I bought them in both the cuffed cut and ripped cut. So comfy, and fit so well.


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Transformation Tuesday \\ DIY Coffee Table Transformation

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

There is nothing I love more than a clean and organized space. Our original ottoman used to work perfectly for a family of 2 with 1 who works from home. It was simple and small, didn't take up a lot of space and was totally functional.

We went from a few TV remotes, Xbox controllers and my laptop to baby toys, 2 laptops, a breast pump, sanitizing wipes, cameras, pens and notebooks.. insert scream here

With Jake now working from home as well, this space was just too cluttered and frustrating to me. I can't stand the clutter and I clean it off several times a day, only to turn around and see another explosion of mess in no time.

Jake and I both normally work at our breakfast nook table, Jake made a long padded breakfast bench that is so comfortable and the lighting is great, (read: the perfect work space ever!) But, life isn't always cooperative and we some how always end up at the coffee table working. I work with 2 notebooks and a planner, Jake has a notebook and a planner, we both use iPads, and laptops.

It was time to transform this space.

We had a larger coffee table that we no longer used, just sitting in the basement, I wasn't too fond of this table anymore. I get bored really easily with interior designs and use pillows, frames and candles to help refresh my spaces on the regular. For some reason I couldn't figure out how to make this coffee table lovable again. Enter: Chalkboard paint.

All you need for this transformation is:
- a pre-existing coffee table or find a used one on craigslist
- Chalkboard paint. I have used many a chalkboard paint and SWEAR by the Valspar one as my    favorite
- A husband to paint and sand for you.. just kidding.. but seriously.

Jake sanded this baby down and painted it in less than 20 minutes. Easy peasy. The best part about chalkboard paint, is that it's fast, easy and you can repaint the space as many times as you need, so you don't have to worry about lingering chalk residue.

I'm still not IN LOVE with this table, but I love the functionality and organization that we so desperately needed. I ran out of my white chalkboard marker so I will have to wait to write something cute on the table top.

The table has 2 drawers and 2 shelf spaces.

In the front drawer, facing the TV, we put some diapers, wipes, bibs and diaper cream. This is so perfect for when we need to change Forrest downstairs, everything is completely concealed and organized.

The Drawer facing the couch now houses lotion, reading glasses, pens, sanitizing wipes, coasters, pacifier wipes and my portable hard drive that I use a few times a day when editing videos, photos, blog posts, etc.

The 2 shelving spaces contain a few blankets for Forrest, as I like to keep a few handy downstairs and Jake forbade me from getting anymore baskets. The opposite shelf has a little wire basket that has some of Forrest's favorite mini toys; rattles, Sophie the Giraffe, little wooden keys, that crazy molecule he loves to chew on... you get the drift.

When all said and done, we are happy, organized and productive, all while Forrest is napping upstairs. A parent win in my book.

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Exclusive Breast Pumping | Tips, Tricks + My Story

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Most women have the desire and need to breastfeed their baby, I was not one of these woman. From the second I got pregnant, I knew that I did NOT want to breast feed my child, and I was relieved when my husband was not only supportive of that decision but almost hoping for it so that he can help feed Forrest as well. I don't know why women are so harsh on each other about breastfeeding, I was a formula fed baby and I have done just fine in life, and I am also strong enough and confident enough to not care what other moms or women have to say about my decision. Breastfeeding is not for me... and that is okay.

Do I think that breastfeeding is the only way to bond with your newborn? Heck no! if that was the case then Forrest and I wouldn't be so close and bonded! I wasn't breast fed and my mom and I have a great relationship. There is this guilt that mom's put on themselves about breast milk and nursing...There is this quote that I always hear: "when your kid walks across the stage to get his college diploma, the dean doesn't ask whether he was fed formula or breastmilk.. " You don't need to be so guilt ridden over your decisions as a mother, you know what is best for you and your child.

I will whole heartedly admit that the reason I did not want to breast feed was a selfish one; I didn't want to be in bed nursing 24/7, I wanted to know how much food my baby was getting at a time (that's the Type A in me), I wanted to be me, an individual, not just Forrest's source of food, I wanted my husband to look at me as his wife and not just the mother of his child, and lastly, and this may just be me, but breastfeeding, although natural, was just weird to me. Not to say that women who do breastfeed are weird or bad in any way, you do you, and I'll do me.

I think that sometimes women get lost in motherhood, they abandon their husbands, they lose themselves and they focus only on baby and nursing, not all women, but quite a few that I have seen in my life, and that scared me. I couldn't wait to get back into working out, being with my husband without being pregnant, and just being me again. I wanted to be the best person I could be for Forrest, the best mom ever, and the only way I saw that happening, is if we were all happy.

I made the decision to exclusively breast pump and had no idea on how to go about it. The second that Forrest was out I had every nurse tell me to start nursing and right before I went into surgery I was still feeling like I needed to in the beginning, for the colostrum. I was so upset and anxious about the pressure that I was more preoccupied with those thoughts than I was with having my baby. Luckily, a crap ton of drugs later, my husband took charge and told them I will not be breastfeeding, give Forrest formula and I'll start pumping when Im ready to.  I was so relieved, and then,  by the time I was out of recovery and ready to meet my little man, I was SO excited and not burdened with the pressure from the nurses.

We did skin to skin, I gave him his first bottle, and we cuddled. Totally bonding in our own way and I loved every single moment of it.

I wasn't ready to pump for about 2 days, I was terrified of the pump as well, but less so than a baby sucking. I pumped the colostrum and put it in a little syringe to give to him before the bottle of formula. We supplemented with formula until my milk came in

In the beginning I was told to pump every 3 hours for 20 minutes, but Forrest was already sleeping through the night in long 5-6 hour stretches, I wasn't about to wake up to pump when my baby was sleeping, I need my sleep too! My milk didn't come in until about 10 days PP and oh my gaawd it was weird, my husband was quite excited, due to the fact that it looked like I had huge porn star boobs all of a sudden.

I pumped every 3 hours throughout the day and then went a 6 hour stretch through the night. I HATED IT! I had the feeling of being tied down and stuck, the same feeling I didn't want originally with breastfeeding. I hated cleaning the parts, putting them together, the whole shabang. It was horrible. So I started to cut out sessions with the intention of stopping completely and going to formula. I got down to 3 sessions a day, morning, afternoon and night, pumping 30 or more ounces a day and it was perfect. I was fine and happy with 3 sessions and decided to stick with it.

I plan on stopping pumping when Forrest starts solids. I have quite the freezer stock of milk that will last well after Im done pumping.

I have another freezer full of these bags in our garage freezer as well.

Now for some tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

1. Tell your body ASAP how much your "baby drinks" - Why pump 6 times a day when you can pump 3 times a day and get the same amount?  Build your supply and teach your body that your "baby drinks a shit ton, 3 times a day"

2. EXTRA PARTS - no joke, unless you want to end your night wanting to throw your pump and parts on your street and run over them 20 times, buy extra parts. I have three sets of pump parts so I'm only washing/sanitizing once a night.

3. A Good Pump - I have the Medela free style, as far as pumps go, its amazing and easy to use. Worth every penny.

4. Storage Accessories - If you have a Medela like me, don't waste your money on the Medela pump bags. I pump into the Medela bottles (say medela one more time) and then pour them into the Target brand breast milk storage bags, label them and throw them in the freezer, which brings me to my next point.

5. Storage Organization - When I first started storing my milk in the freezer, I would just close the bag and throw it on the shelf, I had no idea how many ounces were in there. When I pull the bags over to the refrigerator to start thawing for the next day, I had NO idea how much I was actually pulling over. I started to put 4 oz in each bag since that is how much Forrest eats at a time. Anything more than 4 oz, I label and put on a separate shelf for when Forrest is ready for that amount. I mark it with a sharpie and we are good to go.

6. Be Hands Free - See that happy multi tasking blonde up there in the first picture? Well, I may not be smiling, but that's me! I can work and pump, eat and pump, or do whatever and pump easily with that insane looking, yet functional, bra.

7. Protect them nipples- Don't waste your money on the Lasninoh HPA Lanolin, it was gooey and sticky and a bitch to get off your fingers once you applied it. I went with the Medela Lanolin, which is smooth and works just as well, and also a fraction of the cost. Also a fraction of the cost? the Target Brand Disposable Nursing Pads, I was using the Medela ones at first because I thought they were better, but Target was out of stock one day and I decided to go with the Target brand.. literally the same quality.

8. HYDRATE - If you aren't carrying around a cute Starbucks tumbler all day, then I don't even know what to say to you. Hydration is so so important when pumping... or nursing, for that matter. It helps when you have a cute tumbler to remind you to never stop drinking water... and trust me.. I  never stop drinking water

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Mama + Mini Style: Neon + Camo

Friday, August 15, 2014

I would be lying if I said I never hated camo, because I most certainly did. Then I discovered that neon and camo (and pink and camo) are genius together. Not only that, but it's the perfect unisex combo, and you better believe that Forrest and I will be rocking our semi matching outfits this fall. See some of the things that I have picked up lately that are both, camo or neon and equally stylish.

Camo Moccasins - I want these in my size. That is all Im going to say

Lightning Bolt Onesie - J Crew is killing it with their fall line for the babes. I picked up the Oh Baby Onesie as well and can't wait for the cooler weather so Forrest can rock them!

Camo Onesie - Another J Crew item that I couldn't resist.

Neon Dino Tank - No secret that I love my Hello merch, I quickly bought this for Forrest and plan on him wearing it as much as possible before Fall officially begins!

Camo Hello Tee - Jake has this one in black, naturally, I have it in the grey. Love these tees.

Pink Baseball Tee - These Victoria Secret Pink Basics are my jam. They are so soft, ways to wear and  can be paired with jean shorts or leggings.

Neon Boxy Top - This top is fantastic, another top that can be dressed up or down. Forrest has some moccasins that match this color as well, so I couldn't resist buying it. Super comfy and forgiving as well for the days that need some forgiveness!

Camo Slips Ons - I love these, they are so comfy.. and since I can't have camo moccs, Ill settle for these.

 Happy Fashion Friday and stay tuned for my highly requested exclusive breast pumping post going live this Tuesday.

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How I Do It All | Forrest's Schedule at 3 Months

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I get the same question every day from subscribers and followers: "How Do you Do it All?!", and I promise you, I don't. I don't even come close to doing it all, but I have established a solid schedule with Forrest and my daily life that has helped me to accomplish a lot in a day!

I am lucky enough to work from home, which, I really think helps because, I let Forrest lead the day. I think baby lead schedules work best because you aren't trying to make your baby do anything, you are customizing your schedule to him. At the beginning this was really difficult for me, I tried for a few days to force a schedule on him and it was unsuccessful.

From about 2 months, I noticed certain trends in his daily sleep cycle, and I just started to go with it. He was already sleeping through the night and would take about 3 naps during the day around the same time. So, during his first nap I normally go down for a nap myself, his afternoon nap I work and then his evening nap/bedtime I clean and work some more. Another game changer: my husband and I made the conscious decision to exclusively pump. We didn't even attempt to breast feed, and I was and am SO happy with our decision. Ill be happy to write an entire post on this process and decision if you would like on another day. Let me know.

Below is what our day normally looks like.

5:57am - Seriously, 5:57am is the EXACT time this kid wakes up. Every now and then he might push it and sleep until 630, it's very rare, but it does happen from time to time. He wakes up happy and I let him just talk to himself and hang out by himself for about 10 minutes while I make a bottle. He drinks 4oz and then we go downstairs to play.

7:15am - He goes down for his first 2 - 3 hour nap. He is worn out from playing so he naps hard. He will normally nap until 10am, when he eats next. I nap during this time or, if I'm feeling great, Ill make a cup of coffee and work from bed.

10am - 4 oz bottle then play time again.  After we play for about 30 minutes to an hour we go out and run errands, get lunch, or go on a walk. This time is really important to me because I can't stay in the house all day long. Whether we go to Target, the grocery store, drop off orders at the post office or just drive through Panera, it is VITAL that we leave the house for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes we go on play dates, or meet a friend for lunch, other days we just go on a long walk around the neighborhood. But again, this is Vital!

2:00pm - Another 4 oz bottle and then play time for about an hour.

3:15/3:30pm - He normally starts getting tired around 130, but after he eats he gets a burst of energy.  It doesn't last long, but I will play with him until I see the signs that he is ready for a nap, and then Ill take him to his room and put him down.  This is normally a 3 hour nap,  sometimes longer, and I get A LOT of work done. Ill edit videos, shoot videos, edit blog posts, prepare orders, you name it. I'll plan in the morning what Ill get done during this time and knock it out.

6:00pm - He wakes up for another 4 oz bottle and then we watch about 20 minutes of Baby Einsteins, (he loves the Baby Neptune Water one), play on his play mat, practice sitting up, etc.

8:30pm - bath time starts. I dim all of the lights, turn the TV off, just make it an overall relaxing time that signals it's time for bed. I use the Aveeno Comfort Bath Line, put him right into his pajamas after and cuddle for a little on the couch.

9:00pm - another 4 oz bottle and bed time. At this point, Im not ready to go upstairs yet, so I lay him in the mamaroo on tree swing setting until midnight. I can clean up the kitchen, eat something, do laundry, edit more videos, work a little more and watch some much needed reality TV drama.

12:00am - We go upstairs and without waking him up, he drinks another 4 oz bottle. This bottle is his formula bottle and he immediately goes into the 4moms Breeze Play Yard next to me after and he's out for the night. I mark his bedtime at 9pm, even though I feed him at midnight too. He doesn't wake up and since I stay up late every night any way I thought, why not feed him one more time, maybe give me the extra sleep in the AM.

Then it starts all over again the next day! This is what totally works for us and this schedule is what helps me to accomplish all I can in a day. I have also gone down to only pumping 3 times a day instead of every 3 hours. I pump around 7am, when we come downstairs to play, then again around 4 or 5pm and then the last time is around 11/11:30 pm, Im able to still pump 30 oz or more doing it this way.

Again, every little one is different, and I don't have a crap ton of experience, but living a baby lead schedule has been so amazing and easy to plan around. Watch this schedule all go to shit in a month anyway when teething starts, lord save me.

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Back To School Outfit Inspiration

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fashion Friday is com in to you a day early!

So, first things first: Watch the video and enter to win $25 to

Back to school is always so much fun, well the shopping and prepping part is, the actual going back to school, not so much. Below are 3 different styles I put together to help you go back to school comfy but fashionable.. the only way to be, when sitting in class, right?!

Jeans | Tank | Flannel Similar Here

Dress | Kimono | Bracelet

Boots{older} similar here | Jeans | Jacket | Tank | Necklace

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3 Month Favorites | Mama + Baby

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Here we are again, freaking out that Forrest has aged yet another month. If you haven't seen the viral video of the little sister balling over her brother growing, you need to, and then know that I have done that exact thing, sans princess dress, over Forrest, about 3 times a week. It's an insane feeling to want to see your little one grow, but then want time to stand still.

This month, Forrest, has started to babble like crazy, this kid has told me his whole life story (see what I did there?). He also chews on his hands, sits and stands with assistance, sleeps in his crib (a whole 6-7 hours a night I might add) and he some how starts with his head at the top of the crib, then in the morning, I find him at the bottom corner with his legs up on the crib and he is just smiling and talking to himself. He's all around the funniest and most entertaining thing around.

1. Baby K'Tan - Seriously a game changer. The Moby and Solly wrap are much to complicated for me. As much as a wished the adorable Solly Wrap was for me, it just wasn't. We bought the K'tan before we even had Forrest from a recommendation we got afrom a few friends, and I completely forgot we had it. I was struggling to master target and grocery trips with a car seat. WHAT WAS I THINKING (read: mom brain) I took this sucker out finally and Forrest and I LOVE it! It is the easiest "wrap" around!

2. Bandana Bibs - This kid drools, and I'm not talking like oh cute drool (is drool ever cute?), Im talking, I could fill a large reservoir with his drool! It's everywhere! The Bandana Bibs from Ikea are amazing, stylish, fun, inexpensive, and best of all functional!

3. Sophie the Giraffe -  I think a staple favorite for any babe that is about to teethe. We are hoping that we still have a few more months until teeth come in, but our Dr. told us Forrest is definitely showing signs, and it's normal for the signs to arise about 2 months before a tooth actually surfaces. That being said, little Sophie here has been a god send. If Sophie didn't exist, my finger would have been gnawed to all hell.

4. 4Moms Infant Tub - I mean, is 4Moms serious? They are the best and most innovative brand around. I love EVERYTHING they do, I have the play yard, stroller, spout cover and the mamaroo, and have yet to be disappointed. I think spending a little more for convenience is worth it. This tub is another knock out product!

5. Hello Apparel - Let's be honest, I am just in love with Hello Apparel. Not only can I buy these cute little onesies that Forrest just looks adorable in, but I can buy Tees and Tanks for my and the hubs to match.... can life get any better... or more comfortable? I think not.

Feathered Frock | Fashion Friday

Friday, August 1, 2014

There is nothing easier, than wearing a light shift dress.  I made a date with some girlfriends of mine for dinner so I needed something fun and easy to wear.. enter the feathered frock.

The back of the dress is obviously the best part about it, the great criss cross pattern is the perfect amount of sass that any girl needs, the fabric is light and airy, and the print is fresh.

I paired this dress with some simple wedges and a few rings.

You can get the dress here and make sure to use coupon code glammandie for 10% off your orders.

Id say so far, Friday has treated me well! What are you wearing? Tweet or Instagram me your fashion friday look! 

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Back to School Giveaway

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What is it about going back to school shopping that literally is the most exciting thing ever? I am over the moon to bring you this giveaway for a second year in a row! To see everything that you can win, watch the video here!

There will be 4 winners: Youtube, Twitter, instagram and right here on the blog. 

To win here, all you have to do is be subscribed to my youtube channel,  follow the blog over to the right and then comment on this post with your favorite school subject. 

For more chances to win, follow the instructions in the video!

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Summer Fashion Faves

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer is in full effect and I can't be more excited for a new fashion overhaul! Maybe its the cali girl in me but I LOVE me some summer fashion, give me boho vibes and loose sheer fabrics any day. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (glammandie) to see more fashion and OOTDs.

1. Neons + Prints - I had to run some errands with little one the other day and I wanted to keep it casual. I have been loving this purse by Levis, It's huge and I mean I could fit 'Forrest in it and carry him around with  his toys if I wanted to' huge. The cut off shorts are from Gap, the tank is amazing and adorable and I can't get enough of the print, it's from (currently on SALE), and the shoes, well those are from my beloved Target.

 2. Florals - Florals will ALWAYS be in, and even better.. on a skater skirt. Skater skirts are flattering on any body type. They are always comfortable always fashionable and an easy way to dress up a plain tee or tank top. I know as a new mom that I am always in a hurry, and to be able to pair something plain with something 'not plain' is fast and easy and always cute. Skirt is only $18 from

4. Statement Necklaces - ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA, and I mean always. Another fail proof way to dress up the simple. All statement necklaces on are $11.00, I mean, you can't beat it! 

4. Cami Dresses - Super comfy, super fast, super stylin, and way forgiving for those kind of days (you know what I mean) I pair this one with my Target strappy sandals and of course you can't miss the lemonade shade nail polish. Dress from

5.  Hobo Oversized Floral Wallet - I have had the same Hobo International Wallet for over 7 years, seriously, it's my longest committed relationship, well, it was. I hit up the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (yes I shop in more places than evermore) like a true clothes obsessed girl would and saw this Hobo International Wallet. I swore to the Gods that I would never give my other one up, but, it kind of cancels it all out when it's the same brand right? right?! Let's just say, that this wallet can hold my lip glosses, iPhone, car keys and everything else I need a wallet to hold. I mean what is the meaning of life?! 

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**use code 'glammandie' for 10% off at Evermore Boutique

Tips to Lose the Baby Weight | Five Favorites Edition

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Through both my blog and youtube channel, one of the main questions I get asked is how the hell I lost the baby weight. Ill start this by saying that I had a plan from the day I went into the hospital to have Forrest and I think that is really important. Not only was I so excited to meet my little man but I was also so excited to get into my new routine. So here are my five favorites for health and fitness and tips that helped me get back to myself. 

I gained 18 Pounds when I was pregnant with Forrest and by the time I left the hospital I had lost 10 of those pounds, baby and fluids must have taken up a lot of that room in there, and Im sure the insane amount of Goldfish I was eating didn't help, also the occasional Dr. Pepper or 8 wasn't the best. I can tell you now that I am currently under my pre pregnancy weight. 

1. Having a plan was key, and being excited about said plan is equally as important. I knew that once Forrest was 6 - 8 weeks I would be cleared to get back into the swing of things. Bikram Yoga was my number one goal.

Bikram yoga is yoga done in about 105 degree room with a crap ton of humidity, 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises that have a million and one benefits, both weight loss, mentally, emotionally as well as regulate almost every single cell in your body, from your blood flow to your colon, no joke doing this alone has given me the best benefits.

Do some research, it's literally for anyone and everyone, you don't need to be an experienced yogi, I promise you. Below are my must haves for Bikram Yoga, both during class and post class recovery. {Can you tell I'm obsessed with Purple?}

Yogi Toes | Yoga Mat Wipes | Trader Joe's Cold Pressed Green Juice
Lulu Lemon Yoga Mat | Trader Joes Watermelon Spears | Gap Fit Sports Bras

2. Family Walks! Every day, after we eat dinner we take an hour walk around our neighborhood. We are lucky enough to have an amazing trail and green space that runs through our neighborhood.

We love our City Mini Select Stroller and this stroller fan is amazing just in case it is too hot for Forrest. I think this is not only a good way to stay active after dinner but a good time to reconnect with the husband, away from technology. Muffin loves the long walks too, I think it's hard for a pup to not be the one and only anymore once baby comes along.

3. Healthy Snacks. I am a snacker, I'll admit it, and when it comes to snacks, I love things with a crunch, so to stay away from chips and crackers was proving difficult, but I found that the Boom Chicka Pop sea salt popcorn and Trader Joe's Inner Peas are amazing and serve as a perfect crunch to my snack cravings, plus totally healthy. 

4. Green Tea, hello my long lost love. When I was pregnant I didn't have ANY green tea and I Was thrilled to drink it by the gallon as soon as this little one was in the real world. I either brew the Tazo Zen Green Tea K Cups onto ice or I drink the bottled green tea from Trader Joes. I like it iced cold and in my belly as much as possible. 

5. For my last fave, I have to go with the YUMMLY app, I cook breakfast, lunch and dinners most of the time for my husband and myself {don't look at me like that, I seriously do his stuff now} and we both prefer to eat healthy, we also prefer to eat out like we did almost every night when we were just the 2 of us. But, with baby in the picture that isn't a nightly or daily option anymore.  My Mom introduced me to this app and it has great recipes, easy and fast to make, delicious and you can add straight to a grocery list. 

and because we can't end a post without a Forrest pic or 2 or 3, here you go: 

Happy Weekend + Workout. 

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