Forrest's 1st Birthday Wishlist + Party Inspiration

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How in the world are we already planning Forrest's first birthday party. If you know me, and you know me well, you know I HATE kitchy themes, so for Forrest's first birthday, I'm going with a simple and classy color scheme, and what better colors than the colors from his room {black, gold + green}

We are having 2 parties for this little guy, one here in Colorado and one in Arizona to celebrate both him and my grandma since they are birthday twins. Both will be fun, and contain alcohol. duh.

My sister is flying in next week and we are knocking out a hell of a lot of the DIY's for the party; an excess amount of assorted garlands, party favors, finalize dessert table arrangements + the bloody mary bar. I can't wait to just finally get things done. I've been planning this party for what seems like all year, and I am fully set and DIYing as much as possible. I LOVE a good DIY.

Below are some pics that we are pulling a little inspiration from, + before that; Forrest's birthday wish list.

We didn't get the teepee in time for Christmas, so we decided to get him one for his Birthday, but I really am going to try and DIY it. Since we are getting him a teepee, we are also switching up his room a little. Removing the changing table arrangement we have and switching out his faux fur rug for this one, a lot better for him to play on and won't get little hairs in-between his fingers. We will keep the white rug for something else, since it was amazing for when he was a little baby and wasn't really playing, but laying. Just time to upgrade to something a little more "play friendly".

Also, the beloved wagon. Since he is getting a little bigger, we are making frequent trips to the park and I think he will love cruising in this wagon.

Lastly, we are getting him this adorable pig rocker. Forrest LOVES pigs and this one is so stinking cute I can't handle it. I think to make it a little more "boy" we might add a black bow tie or something.

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6 Month Favorites | Mama + Baby

Friday, December 5, 2014

I can't believe that Forrest just turned 7 months. I can't believe my little baby is changing so fast. His 6th month was so crazy, and so fun.

We dropped his midnight dream feeding for good and he now sleeps a solid 10-12 hours. He goes to bed at 9:00pm and wakes up anywhere from 7:45 - 9:00 am. That makes for one happy mama.  He sits on his hands and knees and does a little rocking before falling down, he says baba, rara and wawa, as well as knows his name!

He has really gotten independent and frustrated when he can't do something himself. Sometimes, those whines just kill me, but it's amazing to watch him figure things out on his own. He wakes up super happy every time and knows to just play in his crib until I come and get him. He LOVES rolling over and sitting up is his jam. EVERYTHING goes into this kids mouth so I have sanitizer wipes handy everywhere we go! He quickly jumped into size 3 diapers, and bath time is now the best thing in the world to this kid. I can't get enough of him.

We had his 6 month photo shoot which was so fun, he was adorable as always and Ill be posting all of those pics in a video coming soon! I have started Mommy Monday videos over on my youtube channel so make sure to check those out!

Below were a few of our must haves for his 6th month:

Canon Powershot  -  I can't express enough how thankful I am that I vlog everyday. I was so hesitant at first but being able to look back on these memories of Forrest growing is the most amazing gift ever. We LOVE this camera for vlogging, so much so that we will be getting a second one as a backup. It auto focuses in seconds, adjusts the lighting and is light and easy to carry! Overall its amazing and easy to use, while producing the high quality HD videos I post on youtube every day!

Boon Baby Bath Toys  -  Bath time is no longer spa time. Forrest is so excited for bath time, I'm willing to bet he'd jump in the water as fast as he can! He LOVES to splash and play. We are still in the 4 moms bath tub in the sink (purely selfish reasons, I don't want to bend down to wash him in the normal bath just yet). He sits up in the tub and loves playing with his toys. The best toys ever are these Boon Toys, they are colorful and have different textures that he just can't get enough of, they are also interchangeable and easy to clean. 

Jumpin Joey Fill + Spill  -  This weird toy was a total gamble but Forrest can't get enough. The ears and tail or crunchy and the balls that fit in the pouch are just about the most mesmerizing thing to him. He loves playing "catch" and chewing on the balls. Its so cute to watch him learn! 

Melissa + Doug Stacking Blocks  -  These are amazing. Simply put. Forrest LOVES when we stack them for him so that he can push them down, just so we can do it all over again for about a million times. He also loves to drum on them and loves even more, if you stuff them with toys for him to fish out. They are easy to clean up and store as well, which is a win in my book

Tommee Tippee Bibs - Now I know these say for milk feeding, and we got these as a shower gift and never used them because we never had a problem with messy feedings or spit up, but believe me when I tell you I TRIED EVERYTHING, when we started solids. Cute plastic animal bibs, silicon feeding bibs, and everything else under the sun. When I saw these in his drawer with tags still attached, I had to just try them. Well, they are the ONLY bib that Forrest doesn't try to eat and play with during feeding time. Which means, less mess for me and the babes. I love these bibs and better yet? I just throw them in the washer instead of hand wash like I had to with the other bibs! 

Bear Security Blanket with Clip   -  Why I took so long to get one of these? Ill never know. This has been a heaven send! We went to Carter's and I saw these cute blankies with pacifier clips... it hands down has made nap time better than ever. Forrest sleeps with the soft plush bear and blanket and knows that it has a pacifier clipped to it. When he drops it and wakes up a few hours later to look for it, he grabs the bear and all is good! I want to get one more since Forrest likes to sleep with at least 100 pacifiers at a time (more like 5 but you get the drift) I figured having another one for him to grab at in his crib, wouldn't hurt. 
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DIY your Thanksgiving

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hosting our first Thanksgiving was taken very seriously this year. We really wanted it to be fun, casual and delicious. Jake couldn't wait to buy a turkey frier and I couldn't wait to come up with a menu. Then once all of that was done, I felt like something was missing and I got to brainstorming.

I really wanted to give our guests a little something to say that we were thankful that they chose to spend Thanksgiving with us at our home, I also felt it completely necessary to decorate the already existing to go boxes I bought a while back.

To see the whole DIY video on how to make and stuff, DIY coffee mugs and DIY to go boxes, head on over to this video where I show the whole process.

I have decided to include both the tags and labels I created here for everyone to use for their upcoming thanksgiving!

Forrest's Christmas List | 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holidays with little ones are 10 times more magical, and I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with Forrest for the first time. He will be 7 months, so we really have done some research for Toys that he will love (some now, and some in a month or so) and have loved what he have decided on. We were going to get him this wagon too, but figured, with this winter already being bad, why not wait on the wagon for his birthday in May, where we can use it more when we relocate back to SoCal.

Forrest LOVES to twirl things, he has a few teether toys that have a little windmill kind of feature that he can twirl with his fingers and he can't get enough. So even though he is a little to young to learn letters and numbers, we thought this abacus set from Land of Not would be the perfect toy for now and later. The illustrations are much more amazing than any other set I've seen. 

I just couldn't pass up this little indian bear I found in one of my new fave etsy shops. I plan on getting a blanket from the shop too, and perhaps the teepee pillow as well.. ah I just can't help myself, this shop is great and one of a kind. But, this bear is the perfect addition to the list.  

Forrest loves books and even though we have so many I thought I could add 1 more. The Boy with the Pink Hair is a perfect edition. The illustrations are amazing and the message is one of my most favorites by far. 

Little Sapling Toys, a toy shop fav of mine, has this adorable pineapple teether that is not only adorable but Forrest loves these and I think he will really love this one since it has little sprouts that he can chew on. 

My heart tears in half thinking about Forrest walking in the future, but this cute vintage bus walker has helped ease the pain. Jake and I were looking for a more trendy walker that you can't find in stores and came across this adorable one. Its not only a walker but you can store toys in the front. I just can't get over the cute vision of Forrest using it. I know walking is a little far off, but we will need one eventually so why not. 

Forrest LOVES to hit surfaces of things, and I mean loves. So while watching him hit the top of his Joovy Walker like it was the best thing to ever happen to him, we immediately started looking for a cute drum for Christmas. We found this Parum Pum set that comes with some other musical items that he can play with at a later date, but this drum will be perfect and I can't wait to see him play with it. 

Oh and lastly, my hearts desire, a teepee. I knew, no matter what, that this will be Forrest's big gift this year. I LOVE the teepees from Moozle and now that I'm typing need to hurry up and order it soon since it isn't sold in the states. But I can't wait to get a garland and little lights to string around the top, and pillows and a faux fur rug to lay inside. I think when Forrest is crawling and hiding he will love playing in this thing and he will continue to grow and love it in different ways. I can't wait to find him reading in there, or letting his imagination go wild. Where I'm going to put the thing is a different story...

Jake and I will also find some cute and more useful things for his stocking (bath toys, onesies, teethers, drool bandana bibs, etc.) Stocking stuffers are always my favorite and I can't wait to come up with new fun things for Jake too, more on that later! 

Follow along on our Daily Lives over on GlamMandiesLife and make sure to check back in on my main channel, because starting in December I'll have 3 weekly videos: Mommy Monday's, Fashion/Beauty Wednesdays and DIY Saturdays! 

Holiday Must Haves For Littles

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I can't even handle myself with how excited I am for this Holiday season with Forrest. I had SUCH a blast during Halloween, already have an adorable Thanksgiving outfit planned, so it's now time to reveal a few things that I have gotten Forrest for Christmas.

+ Santa is my Homeboy was an easy choice. Another random and very rare Zulilly find. I saw the same onesie on etsy and was about to pull the trigger before I randomly saw this one at a fraction of the cost (same design and all). Let's be honest, Santa is for sure Forrest's Homeboy
+ Gold Moccasins - Need I say more?! I couldn't resist these adorable moccs and gold was the perfect  festive color for the season.
+ Tree Leggings - These are so soft and so stretchy. I bought them in both the grey and the white and wish he could wear them every day from now until Christmas. 
+ Hello Buffalo Plaid Pullover - this one's for the adults. As you could probably guess, Jake puts on a good face when I buy a festive tee for him to wear, but this one was perfectly subtle. Buffalo Plaid is one of my most favorite prints for the holidays. I picked this up for both Jake and I and wish so badly that they had this pullover in baby sizes. 
+ Buffalo Plaid Moccasins - Since Hello didn't have a baby option for the pullover, we had to indulge in these moccs. They are so warm and cozy, I put them on Forrest the second we got them in and he loved looking at them on his feet. 
+ Green Onesie - I mean, if you grew up with Home Alone, you can't NOT have this onesie. I also bought matching raglan tees for Jake and I to wear. I fully intend on wearing these throughout all of December. 
+ Black Tree Sheets - I wanted to get a few things to decorate Forrest's room for the Holidays, and since his room is mostly black and white, these sheets from my fave shop were perfect. We have ordered countless sets and covers from her shop and they are always amazing. Super soft, and Forrest loves the current prints we have, I can't wait to put these on his bed come December. 

Forrest in the Fall + Fall Favorites

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Before the snow arrives, I thought it was the perfect time to head to the backyard and take advantage of the fall leaves + also let you in on a few of the fall/winter things that we have been loving!

These drool bibs are literally the They are worth every penny; style + function for little boys is a must have for me. We have also beens stocking up on these black long sleeve onesies. Take it from me, black onesies are hard to come by and I LOVE Forrest in black, so when I saw these at Old Navy, I got a few in every size!

You know me and my baby leggings, so I picked up quite a few pairs and the collection just keep growing, but lately I have really been loving these on Forrest. I got a similar pair that will be perfect for Thanksgiving!

I can't stop buying Forrest hats, no seriously, try and stop me, it's impossible. The one pictured is lightweight yet still functional for fall, they have adorable little bear ears and I bought about 4 of them from Gap. I also have loved this one and this one for him. They look so cute in his little round face!

Last, but certainly not least, the moccs. I FINALLY bought Forrest these black ones from my favorite little brand and they are perfect! I bought a pair of red and gold ones as well for the Holidays and I can't wait to put them on his feet!

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5 Month Favorites | Mama + Baby

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

welp, Forrest is a week shy of being 6 months, so what better time to let you in on what we LOVED during his 5th awesome month of life. right?! (we'll just blame this on chronic mom brain)

This month has been so fun! Forrest is killing us with is cuteness and hysterical personality. He really loves to talk, like all of the time. He makes all sorts of funny noises and sometimes he does weird things with this mouth, and we are certain that he is discovering different sounds and feelings. 

We started solids, which has been so fun, and funny to say the least. We started with Earth’s Best Organic Oatmeal Cereal, which, once we made it more pasty, than runny, he LOVED! After about 2 weeks of that, we moved to Avocado, which he didn't hate, but certainly didn't love. We kept him on it for a week, then went to squash, which he LOVES. Lunges towards the spoon and whines when we dont feed it to him fast enough. He currently gets his normal bottles and in the morning he gets a vegetable and for dinner he gets his oatmeal. 

He’s started to sleep until 8am which is amazing. I no longer need to nap during the day, which increases the amount of work I get done, which of course leads to more “me time”! 

Forrest still isn't officially teething, which I am so thankful for, and he LOVES to just sit up and play with his toys. He has mastered rolling from front to back and back to front, as well as scoots and slithers across the floor. I call him a little sundial, because he just goes in circles for a while! He cuddles with a little fox during nap time which is so sweet! He started doing it all on his own, sometimes he will play with it until he falls asleep himself, but he always ends up cuddling it. 

Jake enforced a new rule: making Forrest fall asleep on his own. Which means no more rocking him to sleep then placing him in his crib. It worked amazingly and he easily puts himself to sleep. I cant believe I was running up and down the stairs multiple times during naps to give him his pacifier. He was totally fine. 

Below are our most coveted 5 month items:

Baby Bullet - I always wanted to make his baby food and my Dad bought this for me for Mother’s Day and I couldn't wait to use it. It’s been amazing. I wasn't able to pre puree and store avocado because it browned to fast. But with the squash, its been amazing! I have about 2 weeks of stored food, all for a whopping $1.89. I don't think I have ever loved an item more. 

Mam Brush and Bite Teether - As I stated, Forrest isn't officially teething, but he LOVES the way this feels on his gums and he can hold it easily. 

Infantino Shopping Cart Protector - Now that Forrest is sitting up and more interactive with everything going on, it was time to retire the Baby K’tan and use this handy thing we got before Forrest was born. Its adorable. comfy, secure and Forrest loves it. I can also attach his toys to the front so that I dont have to worry about him chucking them across Target. 

Bright Starts Vibrating Teether - Another favorite for Forrest’s gums! This vibrates when he bites down on it and he's obsessed. 

Joovy Spoon Walker - This walker is simple, sleek and everything I wanted in a walker. The tray on the top is removable so that I can put whatever toys I want on there. No crazy colored, bulky thing! This walker also breaks down flat easily so I can store it wherever. He loves banging his toys on it and being able to jump up and down. His little feet don’t touch the bottom so we put a stiff pillow underneath so he can touch and jump away. I can also roll it around so that he can play while I make dinner or make his food! I truly love how I can easily customize his play time with whatever toys he’s loving at the moment. One of my most favorite purchases after the mamaroo! 

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes | Babies + Kids

If you haven't already seen my DIY Halloween Costume Video on how to make Starbucks Halloween Costumes for your family, then get to it! I give you an in depth how to on how to make Barista Costumes and a wearable coffee cup for you or your little one.

Welp, Im back at you with another few Halloween ideas for your little one, and when I say these are last minute costumes, I'm truly not kidding. I was contacted by HLN to do a little segment on HLN Now about my DIY wearable coffee cup for Forrest, they then asked if I could do 2 more DIY costumes by the segment date, which was the next morning. So I threw on my thinking cap, looked at what Forrest had in his closet and made a craft store list. Below are 2 SUPER easy, yet adorable Halloween costumes that you can literally throw together in about 10 minutes. (seriously)

DIY Garden Gnome

You can't resist a baby garden gnome, no seriously, try it, you just can't. This costume was so much fun to make and I love how it turned out. Forrest had a plaid shirt and some red pants which were perfect garden gnome attire. You can use suspenders, but I did not have any so I made some of my own with some black and red felt.  All I had left to do was make a hat and beard;

I took a large rectangular red foam piece that I picked up from Michael's and made it into a cone shape for a hat. I then took a piece of white felt and cut it in a shape of a beard and hot glued on curly pipe cleaner. This was so simple and turned out great! I took some elastic, measured Forrest's head and glued on a few extra pieces of the curly pipe cleaner, then glued on the beard and there you have it.

DIY Minion from Despicable Me

This was an easy choice, one of my subscribers has deemed Forrest #ForresttheMinion for months now and when I was asked to create another costume, I knew I had to do this one just for her. This one to was so easy, took me about 10 minutes or less to finish.

All you need for this costume is some overalls and a yellow onesie or tee. I had a yellow onesie that had a design on the front, so I flipped it inside out. You will also need a Yellow beanie or newborn hat, a toilet paper roll, tin foil, black pipe cleaners and black felt.

Cut the toilet paper roll, so you have a thin circle, then cover the circle with tin foil. Then take black felt and hot glue on the felt and tin circle to the hat and there you have your goggles. Then poke a few holes in the top of the hat to stick through your pipe cleaners, and you are all finished.

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Halloween Goodies for Little Ones

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's October, It's Halloween month, and I'm over the moon to be able to start fun traditions and festivities for Forrest. Even though he is 5 months, and doesn't quite understand this yet, I still wanted to put together something fun for him. I decided to put together a little halloween bucket with some great finds; things he can wear, chew and well, chew some more. 

The bucket is from Target, along with the cute skeleton sleeper. It's so warm and Forrest loves to look at the white bones and pick at them when he wears them!

The Biscuit book was the easiest decision ever, we call Forrest Biscuit, we have since he was a little newborn, a funny little nickname that just somehow came to be when we were in the hospital. When I saw this book I almost screamed I was so excited!

The Dracula book is from, they are by far my most favorite books. They are creative, simple and have amazing art. The Dracula book focuses on counting and Im sure will be a hit when Forrest is old enough to read, but for right now, he loves to just chew on the corners.

The green cat onesie was an odd find on Zulily. I have stated in our vlogs, numerous times, that I am not a fan of Zulily. I randomly signed on one day to just see what was going on and found some hip onesies that I never see on the site. I stocked up on about 4 different styles but this one was a perfect addition for his bucket. It's simple and different,  I love to dress him in things that you can't find easily.

The ghost teether is from one of my most favorite companies ever; Little Sapling. They make wood teethers in so many amazing and unique designs and personalize for free. I have a few of these for Forrest and he loves them, so naturally, I had to pick up something from their fall line. Forrest loves to put his fingers through the eyes and mouth, and suck away.

Lastly, the Hello onesie. I LOVE this brand, and even that is an understatement. They are my go to for mama (and papa) and mini styles. They had a preorder for their halloween line back in September and I immediately purchased matching raglan tees for Jake and I along with a onesie for Forrest, so we can rock them throughout October. The ghost even glows in the dark, I just freaking love them.

Next stop is making our Halloween Costumes. We have a few parties to attend that day and weekend, and I am SO excited to put together the costumes I have been planning since Forrest was in my tummy! 

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$10 Homemade Salsa

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I lied. You can actually make this salsa for about $7 or less and depending on how fast you eat it, it could last a good while!

Ingredients Needed:
- 1 bunch of Cilantro (I am not a fan of cilantro so we use just the very top part of it for taste)
- 1 can of whole tomatoes, we just use the store brand
- 1 red onion
- 1 juicy lime
- Sea salt
- 4 roma tomatoes
- 4-7 serrano peppers, we normally end up using about 5, but if you're crazy, go for more!
- 1 Anaheim Pepper

You are going to first drain the can of tomatoes and pour them into a food processor (you can also use a blender if you do not have a food processor). Cut the 4 roma's in half, cut the onion in quarters and take the cilantro and blend it all together.

You are then going to cut the stems off of the peppers and start adding them to taste. We like to add a few, blend, then taste, and repeat until we get it as spicy as we can handle. Then add the Anaheim pepper and squeeze in the lime. Blend it all together then add in the salt to taste.

You can be totally classy like us and eat as much of it as you can out of the food processor, or, you know, you can put in a dish to serve. But either way, enjoy the hell out of it. 

You can see more of us stuffing our faces with salsa on our Daily Vlogs or if you are into beauty and fashion, check out my youtube channel!

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