Back to School Giveaway

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What is it about going back to school shopping that literally is the most exciting thing ever? I am over the moon to bring you this giveaway for a second year in a row! To see everything that you can win, watch the video here!

There will be 4 winners: Youtube, Twitter, instagram and right here on the blog. 

To win here, all you have to do is be subscribed to my youtube channel,  follow the blog over to the right and then comment on this post with your favorite school subject. 

For more chances to win, follow the instructions in the video!

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Summer Fashion Faves

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer is in full effect and I can't be more excited for a new fashion overhaul! Maybe its the cali girl in me but I LOVE me some summer fashion, give me boho vibes and loose sheer fabrics any day. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (glammandie) to see more fashion and OOTDs.

1. Neons + Prints - I had to run some errands with little one the other day and I wanted to keep it casual. I have been loving this purse by Levis, It's huge and I mean I could fit 'Forrest in it and carry him around with  his toys if I wanted to' huge. The cut off shorts are from Gap, the tank is amazing and adorable and I can't get enough of the print, it's from (currently on SALE), and the shoes, well those are from my beloved Target.

 2. Florals - Florals will ALWAYS be in, and even better.. on a skater skirt. Skater skirts are flattering on any body type. They are always comfortable always fashionable and an easy way to dress up a plain tee or tank top. I know as a new mom that I am always in a hurry, and to be able to pair something plain with something 'not plain' is fast and easy and always cute. Skirt is only $18 from

4. Statement Necklaces - ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA, and I mean always. Another fail proof way to dress up the simple. All statement necklaces on are $11.00, I mean, you can't beat it! 

4. Cami Dresses - Super comfy, super fast, super stylin, and way forgiving for those kind of days (you know what I mean) I pair this one with my Target strappy sandals and of course you can't miss the lemonade shade nail polish. Dress from

5.  Hobo Oversized Floral Wallet - I have had the same Hobo International Wallet for over 7 years, seriously, it's my longest committed relationship, well, it was. I hit up the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (yes I shop in more places than evermore) like a true clothes obsessed girl would and saw this Hobo International Wallet. I swore to the Gods that I would never give my other one up, but, it kind of cancels it all out when it's the same brand right? right?! Let's just say, that this wallet can hold my lip glosses, iPhone, car keys and everything else I need a wallet to hold. I mean what is the meaning of life?! 

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Tips to Lose the Baby Weight | Five Favorites Edition

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Through both my blog and youtube channel, one of the main questions I get asked is how the hell I lost the baby weight. Ill start this by saying that I had a plan from the day I went into the hospital to have Forrest and I think that is really important. Not only was I so excited to meet my little man but I was also so excited to get into my new routine. So here are my five favorites for health and fitness and tips that helped me get back to myself. 

I gained 18 Pounds when I was pregnant with Forrest and by the time I left the hospital I had lost 10 of those pounds, baby and fluids must have taken up a lot of that room in there, and Im sure the insane amount of Goldfish I was eating didn't help, also the occasional Dr. Pepper or 8 wasn't the best. I can tell you now that I am currently under my pre pregnancy weight. 

1. Having a plan was key, and being excited about said plan is equally as important. I knew that once Forrest was 6 - 8 weeks I would be cleared to get back into the swing of things. Bikram Yoga was my number one goal.

Bikram yoga is yoga done in about 105 degree room with a crap ton of humidity, 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises that have a million and one benefits, both weight loss, mentally, emotionally as well as regulate almost every single cell in your body, from your blood flow to your colon, no joke doing this alone has given me the best benefits.

Do some research, it's literally for anyone and everyone, you don't need to be an experienced yogi, I promise you. Below are my must haves for Bikram Yoga, both during class and post class recovery. {Can you tell I'm obsessed with Purple?}

Yogi Toes | Yoga Mat Wipes | Trader Joe's Cold Pressed Green Juice
Lulu Lemon Yoga Mat | Trader Joes Watermelon Spears | Gap Fit Sports Bras

2. Family Walks! Every day, after we eat dinner we take an hour walk around our neighborhood. We are lucky enough to have an amazing trail and green space that runs through our neighborhood.

We love our City Mini Select Stroller and this stroller fan is amazing just in case it is too hot for Forrest. I think this is not only a good way to stay active after dinner but a good time to reconnect with the husband, away from technology. Muffin loves the long walks too, I think it's hard for a pup to not be the one and only anymore once baby comes along.

3. Healthy Snacks. I am a snacker, I'll admit it, and when it comes to snacks, I love things with a crunch, so to stay away from chips and crackers was proving difficult, but I found that the Boom Chicka Pop sea salt popcorn and Trader Joe's Inner Peas are amazing and serve as a perfect crunch to my snack cravings, plus totally healthy. 

4. Green Tea, hello my long lost love. When I was pregnant I didn't have ANY green tea and I Was thrilled to drink it by the gallon as soon as this little one was in the real world. I either brew the Tazo Zen Green Tea K Cups onto ice or I drink the bottled green tea from Trader Joes. I like it iced cold and in my belly as much as possible. 

5. For my last fave, I have to go with the YUMMLY app, I cook breakfast, lunch and dinners most of the time for my husband and myself {don't look at me like that, I seriously do his stuff now} and we both prefer to eat healthy, we also prefer to eat out like we did almost every night when we were just the 2 of us. But, with baby in the picture that isn't a nightly or daily option anymore.  My Mom introduced me to this app and it has great recipes, easy and fast to make, delicious and you can add straight to a grocery list. 

and because we can't end a post without a Forrest pic or 2 or 3, here you go: 

Happy Weekend + Workout. 

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2 Month Favorites | Mama + Baby

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2 Months??? How in the world is Forrest 2 Months. Forrest has made a huge jump this month, he is so interested in so many different things. He is extremely active, playful and silly, laughs and smiles a WHOLE LOT and loves to just explore. Along with the favorites I have listed below, he really just loves to be held sitting face out and walked around the house so he can look at everything and take it all in, with the widest eyes. He has started to get on a napping schedule, loosely followed, but attempted non the less with an almost 80% success rate, he is able to self sooth perfectly.  So cliche, but I honestly can say that we have the calmest and happiest little one around, he just lights up the world. We love him so. 

Knotted Head Bands - Starting off my faves with a mama item. Being a stay at home mom has proved a little difficult when it comes to getting ready and looking presentable. Even if I am not going anywhere during the day, I still get dressed, put a little mascara on and attempt to do my hair. By attempt, I mean I happily throw it up in a pony tail or sweep it to the side with a braid and then top it all off with a knotted head band. I have quite the collection now and I am obsessed with the selection form this etsy shop. Seriously the easiest way to look cute and put together ever.

Infantino Gaga Mirror - Forrest is hysterically in love with his reflection. The hubs and I saw this a few weeks ago while at Target and it was an immediate decision that we needed it in our lives. We hang it from his car seat, his play gym, you name it, He loves the colors and loves to stare at himself and talk the afternoon away. So precious, we love it!

Baby Einstein Ocean Gym - Now, I was pretty adamant that I did NOT want my house to look like a freaking Toys R' Us, meaning I didn't want a whole bunch of crazy primary colored crap sitting around for me to trip over. But, we had to give in to one item, and that was a play mat. My husband picked this one out and Forrest LOVES it. He loves the colors, the mirror of course and most importantly the little blue hanging octopus that we can't quite decide if they are friends or mortal enemies. It seems he holds long conversations with the Octopus and sometimes laughs and other times stares at it with concern. Equally hilarious and highly entertaining

Sassy Hello Baby Phone - This was Forrest's first official toy that he was interested in, the first thing he held and most assuredly attempted to eat on numerous occasions. He grabs a hold of this thing and shakes it around, sucks on it and smiles the entire time.

Aveeno Baby Lotion - A mama and baby favorite. We love this stuff, so much so that I have a bottle upstairs, a bottle downstairs and I use it for myself equally as much as we put it on him. It's super moisturizing, delicate and just all around amazing.

Homemedics Baby Sound Spa - Just Amazing. Has made our nap times easy peasy with the ocean wave sound. We put that on, and it immediately calms him down and puts him to sleep. Not to mention its portable so we can either clip it to the side of the pack and play or on his car seat.

We love you little Forrest along with your bright big eyes, cute gummy smile and amazing personality 

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Star Spangled Baby | 4th of July Mama + Mini Style | Five Favorites

Saturday, July 5, 2014

For our first official holiday with baby we had to go a little all out, (read: outfits were really important).  To see the video of our outfits of the day, click on this link!

1. I knew I wanted Forrest in something festive but nothing too over the top, something that we can wear again. I found this awesome little onesie from J Crew that was perfect for the 4th, I also bought it in the neon yellow. Starting out my first favorite, is by far these onesies. 

dress: H&M
4. Mama + Mini Style. Even if you have a boy, there is always a way to coordinate outfits without looking like a crazy. I am obsessed with the idea of coordinating and spent a lot of time tying these outfits together. So fun, so festive. Ill be starting this as a permanent installment on both blog and youtube channel. Stay tuned and make sure to follow + subscribe

3. This etsy shop has amazing wrap headbands in both festive and everyday prints. I sought out this bomb pop one that was the perfect touch of red, white and blue. This is my go to hair accessory right now, for most of my days, my mop is thrown in a messy pony tail on the top of my head. This adds a little "I got my shit together". 

4. Red, White and Blue windmill straws - I made it mandatory for everyone to drink out of these festive straws that I picked up at Target. Even if you were drinking wine... grab a straw. {Looking at you Grandma}

5. In other news, my little 2 month old is LOVING his hands lately, I can't even handle the cuteness. Stay tuned for our 2 month Favorites post coming this week!

 Hope you all had a great Holiday, don't forget to check out the video and more five favorites over here

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1 Month Favorites | Mama + Baby

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I seriously can't believe that one month has gone by, which is what Im sure everyone says after every month with their little one. Forrest is silly, sweet, calm and oh so fun and lovable. With the first overwhelming month over I have compiled my must haves to make your life easier during your first month of your new life.

1. Avent Soother Pacifiers - they gave these to him at the hospital and they were perfect. We coincidentally had a few packs at home, so needless to say, there are a few of these in every room.

2. Medela Pump & Save Bags - If you choose, or are having to, exclusively pump, these bags are literally a MUST. I have created quite the freezer stock of milk and they are super easy to use when late night pumping... not to mention, you don't have to clean or sterilize any bottles afterwards

3. 4moms Mamaroo - This is by far the most amazing product ever. Forrest loves every single setting, is super cozy and snug with the newborn insert and has made life as a stay at home working mom way easier. Not to mention, it's super sleek and modern looking.

4. Satsuma Organic Baby Mittens - Forrest came out with insane nails, he loves to touch his face and weirdly try to pull his eye lids (WTF) so we very quickly used these guys. Not only are they soft and airy, but they stay on his wrists while allowing him to move his fingers inside. We have about 8 pairs of these and every single one of them gets used!

5. Adan + Anais Dream Scout Blanket - Ill be honest in saying that I bought this expensive blanket on looks alone. Ive made it pretty clear that Im not a fan of normal looking baby items (primary colors mostly), but vanity aside, this blanket has been so useful. It's large and heavier than their normal swaddle blankets, and is amazing for putting over the car seat/stroller when on walks around the block.

6. Soap + Glory Hand Food - anyone else notice that once they brought baby home, their hand sanitizing and washing game got stepped way up? We use the babyganics hand sanitizer all the time and even though its alcohol free, between washing pump parts and regular hand washing, my hands are DRY to say the least. Insert heavy duty hand lotion that has proved its worth within one use.

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DIY Spring Palette Garden | For Under $50

Saturday, May 17, 2014

When we first bought our house there was a cute little palette garden that contained, literally, red lettuce and oregano.. I'll repeat, red lettuce and oregano... what the hell? We kept intending to replant it and make it beautiful and useful but fall came, then winter.

It is officially spring time and the hubs and I took out some time to revamp and plant some delicious things. This is a very inexpensive and easy process that anyone can do. We planted an entire garden for under $50 and so can you!

Here is what you will need:
Flat stones
Herbs and Veggies of your choosing
Sharpie Markers
Gardening Tools

As I stated before we were lucky enough to already have a pallet garden built in, but if you are starting from scratch here are some super easy directions, You can find pallets anywhere for free! We took off the larger slats and replaced them with smaller ones so that we had actual squares instead of rows, but feel free to do this however works for you!

Take soil of your choice,  I used organic garden soil from Home Depot, and fill your pallet.

We picked out an assortment of herbs, berries and peppers and started to plant them. While the hubs was planting away I went on a rock hunt for flat, light colored rocks that would be smooth enough to allow me to sharpie them. Once I found a good assortment, I took my sharpies and wrote each item we were planting on the rocks.

Place the rocks near each of the plants, water them and sit back and relax!

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Nursery Tour

Monday, April 28, 2014

See the whole video here + look below for links for everything mentioned. 

Crib .  Dresser 

Colored Poms  .  Letters 
Jonathan Adler Tray from Home Goods {similar here} .  Owl from Home Goods  .  House Tissue Box 
Mirror from Craigslist  .  Garland 
Chair from West Elm + no longer sold {similar here} .  Pillow  .  Metal Basket from Home Goods 
Chalkboard Basket  .  Rug
Changing Pad  .  Changing Pad Cover  .  Changing Table 
Trash Can from Target + no longer sold  .  Baskets

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